オートキャンプ場(Camp Ground)
共用日 1月5日から12月27日まで火曜定休
Camp Ground is open during January 5th to December 27th except Tuesdays
(If a holiday falls on a Tuesday, the following day will be closed)
Camp ground will be open everyday for the month of August!
(Open Tuesdays)
面 積(Area) 3,600㎡
オートキャンプ場利用料金表 (Camp Ground Pricing List)    平成26年4月1日現在
区 分 利用可能時間(最大) 利用料金
(One day)
(9:00am to 9:00pm )
1区画につき 1,350円
(1,350 yen / per site)
1 泊
(1 Day Overnight)
(9:00am to following day 9:00pm)
1区画につき 2,710円
(2,710 yen / per site)
2 泊
(2 Days Overnight)
(9:00am to third day 9:00pm )
1区画につき 5,420円
(5,420 yen / per site)
シ ャ ワ ー
(hot shower)
(9:00am to 10:00pm)
1回につき 100円/3分・温水
(100 yen / per 3min.)

Fees will be exempt for persons with Identification Booklet for the Physically Disabled, Medical Treatment Booklet, or Booklet for the Mentally Disabled provided by the Okinawa Prefectural Government. Fees will be exempt for groups (not including equipment) when half of the members or more carry any of the booklets mentioned above. For fees to be exempt, booklets mentioned above must be presented.

オートキャンプ場(Camp Ground Site Map)
click on map to enlarge(PDF)
オートキャンプ場受付方法(Making Reservations)
  • ●予約は利用する1ヵ月前からお電話で受付けいたします。
    Reservations are accepted one month prior by phone.
  • ゴールデンウィーク期間の予約は、4月上旬に受付日を設けます。
  • ※詳しい日程は決まり次第、告知致します。
  •  Camp ground reservations for Golden Week will be accepted in the beginning of April.
  • ※Updated dates and details will be posted.
    ●沖縄県総合運動公園 098-932-5114(9:00~20:00)火曜日休園
    TEL 098-932-5114(9:00~20:00) Closed Tuesdays
  • ●予約時に区画番号をご指定下さい。
    Please request camp ground site number.(Click on map to enlarge for site numbers)
  • ●キャンセルの際は、必ず管理事務所まで連絡をお願いします。
    Please let us know in advance when cancelling reservations.
  • 利用料金は当日、キャンプセンターにてお支払をお願いします。
    Payments are accepted on the day of your reservation at the Camp Center.
  • ●平成29年7月1日(土)利用日分より、キャンセル待ちを承ります。
オートキャンプ場利用上の禁止事項(Camp Ground Restrictions)
The following are restricted.

  • ・ガソリンの使用。
    The use of gasoline.
  • ・花火・カラオケ・発電機の使用。
    The use of fireworks, karaoke, and generators.
  • ・大声・騒音等、他の利用者の迷惑となる行為。
    Excessive noise and loud music.
  • ・ペットの同伴。 ※日帰りは可
    Staying overnight with Pets.
  • ・未成年者のみでの利用。(必ず、保護者または責任者(成人)の同伴が必要です。)
    Children not accompanied by parent/guardian.
  • ・許可車輛以外の車輛の乗入れ。(許可車輛は、1区画につき1台まで。)
    Vehicles without park pass.(One vehicle per camp site)
  • ※許可証は、車輛内の確認可能な場所に置いて下さい。
    ※Please place pass where visible
  • ・路上駐車及び芝生への車輛の乗入れ。
    Unauthorized parking.
  • ・車輛走行以外での、ヘッドライトの点灯及びエンジンをかけたままの状態。
    Leaving on vehicle engine and/or headlights
  • ・ハザードランプ未点灯またはスピード違反。 ※園内は10km以下の徐行。
    Driving without hazard lights on and speeding. ※Park speed limit is 10km
  • ・ゴミ等の放置。(ゴミ袋の準備もお願いいたします。)
    Leaving trash. (Please bring trash bags)
  • ・午後9時30分以降、南口の門を車輛が通行する事は出来ません。
    South Gate closes at 9:30pm, vehicles cannot pass after that time.
    ※Emergency vehicle will be permitted.


If Camp Ground restrictions are not followed, you may be asked to leave.
Your payment will not be refunded.”



~ Use of fire on campground ~

Direct fires on the grass is prohibited, due to the damage it will cause the grass. Please use barbeque grills for fires. Also, fire pits located on the campground are provided for your use. Please do not use water to extinguish fires. The hot water that drains from the will damage the grass. To extinguish the fire let the fire burn out or dispose of the charcoal in designated area provided next to the fire pits.
Strong winds and wind direction can cause sparks to fly. Please be aware of your surroundings that may be damaged from flames or sparks. Such as tents, cars, or flammable items. Park management will not be responsible for any damage caused.

When adding materials to a fire such as paper or leaves, it can cause the temperature of the fire to rise and cause sparks to fly. Burning moist wood, cardboard, printed paper, substances, or etc. can cause asthma attacks and allergies from the smoke. Please be cautious.

Park management will not be responsible for any damages caused. Please be responsible when using fire on the campground.


  • ・キャンプ場入口に警備員がおりますが、巡回中の際は警備BOXに携帯電話番号を掲示しておりますので、御用の際は、お手数ですが携帯電話までご連絡下さい。
    Security guards are posted at the Camp Ground entrance. If the security guard is on patrol, he can be contacted by the number posted at the guard post.
  • ・南口ゲートの開放は、午前6時~午後9時30分までです。
    South Gate is opened during 6:00am to 9:30pm.
  • ・貴重品については各自で管理し、盗難には気をつけて下さい。
    Please take care of your belongings.
  • ・ケガ・事故等について、当管理事務所は一切責任を負いません。
    Management will not be responsible for injuries, accidents, etc.